I'd like to start by thanking you for stopping by, however you happen to have stumbled upon this space. 

My intentions for this blog are to share some of my photographic adventures as well as talk a bit about the gear that I use. I'll also tell stories of the ways that I come across some of it.

But what's interesting about that? Aside from photographing all nature of things, I'm a sucker for vintage or 'legacy', camera lenses. I use a modern mirrorless camera that allows me to adapt these classic manual optics. The results can be unique to the lens design and coatings of another time. Some of these older lenses are even radioactive.

So to summarize, I plan on taking you along with me on shoots and talking a bit about the lens/s I use as well as how I came across them. My lens collection has grown to nearly thirty and all of them have been sourced locally. Some at antique shops, hunted at estate sales, or better yet, gifted to me by friends or family.

I hope that this space is of interest to you. It's a journal of something that is very important to me.